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February 1, 2023

5 Kid-Friendly Activities To Make The Most Of Your Weekend Getaway In Lyon

Are you looking to plan an exciting weekend getaway in Lyon with your kids? Look no further. Lyon is full of fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. From exploring parks and gardens to visiting local attractions, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city. In this blog post, you will find five kid-friendly activities that you and your family can enjoy during your weekend getaway in Lyon. 

5 Kid-Friendly Activities to Make the Most of Your Weekend Getaway in Lyon

1) Visit the Lyon Zoo

If you’re planning to spend a weekend in Lyon with your kids, be sure to add the city’s zoo to your list of activities. Located in the Parc de la Tête d’Or, the Lyon Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in France, founded in 1856. Here, your little ones can explore the various animal habitats and witness wild animals up close and personal. The zoo is home to over 1,500 animals including primates, reptiles, African mammals, amphibians, birds, and more. It also offers interactive attractions such as a petting zoo and an outdoor children’s play area. Visitors of all ages will be entertained with educational talks, animal shows, and hands-on activities that provide valuable insight into wildlife conservation. In addition to the wonderful animals, the park is filled with many trees, ponds, and gardens that provide a tranquil setting for a family picnic or stroll. The zoo is also close to other major attractions such as the Grand École des Beaux-Arts and the Halle Tony Garnier concert hall. When you visit the zoo be sure you plan properly so that you can avoid any travel nightmares

2) Take a Boat Ride on the Rhône River

One of the most enjoyable experiences you can have with your kids during a weekend getaway in Lyon is to take a boat ride along the Rhône River. This is a great way to explore the city and its surroundings while enjoying some fresh air and beautiful scenery. The boat rides are available throughout the day and there are several companies offering this service. You can choose between different packages and durations, ranging from 30 minutes up to a full day excursion. Whichever one you choose, you will be able to admire the spectacular views of the riverbanks and the skyline of Lyon. The boat ride is an ideal way for families to spend time together and for kids to learn about the city’s history and culture.

3) Explore the Old Town

The Old Town of Lyon is a must-visit for any weekend getaway with the kids. This mediaeval area of the city is a great way to introduce your children to French history and culture. Stroll through the cobblestone streets and explore the narrow alleyways that lead to hidden courtyards and other gems. Be sure to check out Place Bellecour, the largest square in Europe, and Rue de Boeuf, one of the oldest streets in Lyon. In the old town, you'll find plenty of local restaurants, shops, and cafes that offer delicious food and unique souvenirs. Take the time to sample some of Lyon's famous cuisine, including saûsisson, quenelles, and brioche. If your kids are looking for something a little sweeter, be sure to try some of the city's famous chocolates. 

4) Visit the Musée des Confluences

The Musée des Confluences is a museum in Lyon that has something for everyone. Its exhibits explore the natural and cultural sciences, anthropology, and history. Kids will love the interactive exhibitions and displays of different cultures from around the world. You can also find a variety of activities for children, including workshops and educational programs. Plus, you’ll have an amazing view of the city from the museum’s rooftop terrace. The museum also offers free entry to visitors under 18, making it an affordable and educational way to explore Lyon with your kids.

5) Have a Picnic in Parc de la Tête d'Or

Make sure to take your family to the stunning Parc de la Tête d'Or for a picnic and some fun activities. This green space is one of the largest in France, stretching over 105 hectares and featuring a large lake, the perfect spot to spend an afternoon outdoors with the kids. Pack a picnic lunch and explore the grounds, enjoy a boat ride on the lake, or watch the many species of birds that call this park home. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the playful deer that sometimes come out to say hello. After a fun day in the park, head to the nearby botanical garden for some more nature exploration.

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