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December 9, 2017

4 Ways For Brits To See The UK Like A Tourist Does

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Travelling the globe is an undoubtedly wonderful experience, and something that everyone should do if they have the ability. However, there’s no doubt that overseas holidays can be extremely expensive, and tend to require a huge amount of planning. As a result, many people find themselves constrained; their traveller self being forced to lie dormant for months at a time, as they wait for their next holiday to roll around.

If you ever find yourself experiencing this feeling, then there is something you can do about it. Being a Brit, it’s unlikely that you’ve really thought of the UK as a travel destination in and of itself; the UK is where you leave when you want to travel, after all!

Yet there’s no denying that the UK is a popular travel destination; there’s clearly something that overseas visitors see in our little island. Some Brits are cottoning on to this; staycations are becoming more common, for example, but plenty of us still ignore the ability to travel in the UK. After all, when it’s home, how can travelling in the UK ever really feel like a true travel experience?

Here’s how.

1) Visit A UK Country That Isn’t Your Own

As you’re no doubt aware, the UK is four different countries under one banner. If you want to experience something different without the need to find your passport, then travelling to a different country might be the best way to do it.

The way of life is largely the same, and the countries don’t look that different to one another, but there are small changes that might help to give you a feeling of truly travelling. For example, Scottish and Northern Irish banknotes look different to the rest of the UK; in Wales, you’ll see road signs written in Welsh as well as English; and England is full of odd-sounding place names that will bring a smile to your face.

You can allow yourself the luxury to visit a country that isn’t your own and be a tourist in your own homeland! Sites like make it so easy to find a place for you to settle in and get acquainted with things that are, sort of, on your doorstep but aren’t really! Don’t feel silly just because you live within 300 miles of Edinburgh that you shouldn’t see its majestic beauty. Treat yourself!

Another UK country is home, but not quite as you know it.

2) Do The Classic “Tourist” Activities

There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist, especially if you’re looking for a fun day trip or weekend break. People travel from across the globe to take a tour on the London Eye or visit the Giant’s Causeway, so you should have plenty of fun doing the same.

Each country tends to have quintessential “must do” sites and experiences. Here are a few to tempt you:

  • Visit Buckingham Palace and watch the changing of the guard
  • Climb Snowdonia
  • Visit the Titanic museum in Belfast
  • Walk the shores of Loch Ness (and keep your eye out for any monsters)

… and there’s plenty more besides. Nothing will make you feel like you’re on holiday quite like doing what all the tourists do!

3) Visit A Lesser-Known Area

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The featured image above is of Filey in Yorkshire, a little-known seaside resort that you have likely never heard of before. Yet as you can see, it’s completely beautiful, despite Blackpool and Southend tending to grab the headlines for UK seaside resorts.

There are plenty of lesser known and unusual events in the UK; you just have to be willing to find them. How do you find them? Simple: take a map and place your finger at random. If you happen to hit on a well-known place, then just move in one direction until you find somewhere you have never heard of before. Look the place up online and if you like what you see, then make that the location for your next day trip.

4) Travel Using A Different Method of Transport

We rarely drive when we go on holiday; we might hire a car for a few days, but for the most part, travelling is a pursuit you do on foot. When trying to travel in the UK, switching to a different mode of transport can make you feel like you’re really somewhere unusual.

Many cities have tram systems that you can use; four have underground railways; and some cities have even more unique travel methods, such as gondolas in Cambridge. By leaving the car at home and navigating using the public transport system, you’ll get a different experience to the one offered by everyday life, thus helping even the UK to feel shiny and new to you.

So if there’s months to go before your next holiday, don’t hold back the traveller part of your personality; there’s plenty for you to see, do, and experience right here at home in the UK.

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