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October 23, 2020

4 Tips On Getting Organized For A Family Road Trip


Travelling as a family is a fun-filled experience, a chance to create new memories and spend quality time together. If you’re planning a road trip as a family, check out these four tips to start getting organized.

1 . Route Planning 

Before you set off on a family road trip, it’s important to make a thorough plan of your route. There are many benefits of planning your route in detail, including:

  • Less chance of getting lost: Winging it means you’ve got more chance of getting lost, which can be stressful and add to your journey time!
  • Know the scenic routes: Your route is all part of the vacation, so it can be enjoyable to plan a few scenic routes. You might get yourself some epic views and some awesome photographs.
  • Make good time: Planning your route allows you to make good time and organize the best pit stops along the way.

2 . The Right Applications

Whether it’s for planning or safety, download a few apps to improve your road trip; for a some ideas, check out these:

  • RoadTrippers: Using this application, you can plan your road trip with at least seven waypoints. There’s the option to book activities and hotels, chat to a road-trippers community, and upgrade for further features.
  • Drive With this app, you can convert texts to audio, allowing you to keep your eyes on the roads at all times. The app will also monitor your driving habits, and you can use these insights to drive more safely. Driving safely is of crucial importance to avoid an accident. If you do experience a collision, you may need the help of a personal injury attorney.

3. Kids Entertainment

Kids can get restless on long journeys, (and you won’t want them to distract you)! It’s important to bring plenty of things to keep them entertained. You could bring along trivia game apps, kids' music, or children’s audiobooks. If your kids like drawing, why not bring a few digital drawing pads? Another option is to download a few children’s movies on your iPad before you set off.

4. Have your car serviced

Before you go on a family road trip, you should have your car serviced to ensure it’s working perfectly. There are also a few additional checks that you can perform before you get going:

  • Fluids: Before going on a long journey, ensure that your antifreeze, engine oil, and brake fluid are topped up.
  • Check the tires: It’s vital to ensure that your tires are in good condition before setting off. They should be at the right pressure, with a tread of 1.6mm.
  • Light check: Make sure that all your lights are working properly before you get going.
  • Brakes: Any strange noises might indicate that the brake pads need to be replaced.

4. Make a checklist

Before heading out, you should make a list of all that you need. Important safety items include jump cables, torches, and a first aid kit. It’s also wise to take extra clothing and food items, car documents, and dec-icers (just in case). For more ideas, take a look at these handy road trip checklists.

Lastly, it’s useful to create a road trip budget before you set off. When you budget for family travel, it’s far easier to avoid overspending and save money.

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  3. ELTEC says:

    Thanks! I’d also add that being a safe driver means being alert, always driving to the conditions of the road environment and being ready to take action at any time. And it’s really important to know.

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