4 Things Every Parent of a Connected Child Needs to Know
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January 5, 2021

4 Things Every Parent of a Connected Child Needs to Know

Growing up in a digital age means that today’s kids spend a considerable amount of time watching screens and using tech devices. While limiting your child’s screen time might seem like an effective measure, you need to do more if you want to keep your child safe. With this in mind, take a look at the things every parent of a connected child needs to know:

1. Your Kids Know More Than You Do

When it comes to tech, it’s highly likely your kids know more than you do! Unless you work in cybersecurity or are a social media exec, there’s a good chance your kids will be a little more tech-savvy than you are. Despite this, it’s important to stay a step ahead and keep up to date with new online threats as they evolve. A good place to start with this, unsurprisingly, is the internet, and sites like Cell Phone Deal, who have articles on topics like how to stay safe when using a mobile device. While your child’s tech knowledge might come in handy when your TV remote is broken, don’t trust them to choose their own security settings or moderate their own online behaviour.

2. Screen Time Can Be Beneficial

Millions of parents spend time trying to curtail their kid’s screen time without recognising the benefits it can have. Your kids may be attending school online, reading on a tablet or communicating with family and friends via video chats, for example.

Although unlimited screen time isn’t typically a good idea, overlooking the benefits of technology isn’t advisable either. By helping your kids to use their devices to facilitate a wide range of activities and setting realistic screen time limits, you can ensure that they’re using technology in a healthy way.

3. You Can Monitor Online Activity

Having your kids use their tech devices in the same room as you can make it easier to see what they’re doing but monitoring their online activity gives you far more access. Take a look at the Family Orbit official website to see just how easy it is to keep track of your child’s online behaviour. From the sites they’re visiting and the content they’re viewing to the messages they send and receive, you can monitor usage, set parental controls and even check your child’s location when you use the right monitoring tools.

4. Your Kids Need Tech

In today’s world, having access to technology isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. From online school portals to socialising virtually, much of our lives are spent online and this applies to youngsters too. If you want your kids to be equipped to communicate and work in a digital era, then access to tech is vital.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your child has to have the latest phone or games console, so don’t worry about blowing your budget on the newest gadgets. However, teaching your kids how to use the internet safely and providing them with controlled access to tech is an important part of being a parent.

Increase Your Tech Knowledge

If you don’t have much experience with technology, staying up to date with cyber threats and understanding the latest tech can seem challenging. However, there are a number of free resources which can help you to get up to speed. By learning as much as you can, keeping devices updated and talking to your kids about online safety, you can ensure that your family is able to use tech in a safe and healthy way.

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