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December 11, 2016

Yummy Mummy on her Travels- Cathy Tikka Wollen Maternity Jacket Review

When I fell pregnant I quickly outgrew most of my wardrobe. It was summer time so I bought lots of summer bits- vest tops, cardigans, leggings. I didn’t, however, think ahead to winter. Several months later and several degrees cooler I was soon shivering in the cold wearing my leggings, vest tops and cardigans accompanied by my pre-pregnancy coats which would no longer close.

I wasn’t going to make it through winter like this.

So, in preparation for my trip to Poland last weekend I researched the best maternity coats. I wanted something that would go with most of my clothes, that was flattering and that would keep me warm in the sub-zero temperatures.

Upon doing my research I came across a company called Yummy Mummy. Yummy Mummy offer a variety of clothing for pregnancy and breastfeeding and their clothes are designed especially for the needs of mums. This was important to me as, so far, my maternity shopping had been largely unsuccessful… At 27 weeks I’ve almost outgrown my TopShop vests, at 14 weeks I couldn’t even fit into New Looks’ so called ‘ maternity Pyjamas’ (I’m a size 10-12 and ordered a large but they still didn’t fit!!!) and the maxi dress I ordered from Amazon for my trip to Abu Dhabi at Christmas is closer to my knees than my ankles (seriously, I’m only 5’4’’). I concluded that ordinary retailers just couldn’t do maternity wear.

So that’s when I looked to Yummy Mummy.

I was really impressed with their selection of coats and the way in which they were designed for mum-to-be. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to review the Cathy Tikka Wollen Maternity Jacket, which I am very impressed with. The coat is just the right length and, unlike clothing made by some retailers, doesn’t raise up with my bump at the front. There is a wrap-around belt which sits above my bump, making me look pregnant as opposed to fat- something I always worry about!! The material is good quality too and there is a hood for those chilly or rainy days.

maternity coat

The highlight of this coat, however, is its adaptability. It has an additional bit of fabric at the front which can be removed when not needed. So the coat can be made smaller for early pregnancy and that awkward ‘in between’ stage and again for those few weeks post-partum before you manage to return to your pre-pregnant size. This fabric simply zips up and is not noticeable as a pregnancy ‘extra’. It gives you the room that you need for your growing bump, whilst helping you to continue to look elegant.

yummy mummy

yummy mummy maternity clothes

The coat comes in at a cost of £85, which isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it’s not the most expensive either. For a midrange budget, however, I think that it is particularly good quality. Since I’ve been pregnant clothing is less about looking good and more about being comfortable, yet this coat satisfies the two! I give this coat a 5* lifeasabutterfly rating! You can buy the Yummy Mummy coat on their website.

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  1. Fazyy says:

    You are looking great. That coat really fits you

  2. You look lovely and your pictures show off your elegance very well

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