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May 1, 2017

Why All Travelers Fall In Love With Australia

Australia is definitely somewhere that makes the bucket list of travelers around the world. After all, the beautiful country has so much to see and do. And it’s a haven for young and old with many people staying in the stunning country after visiting on their travels. And it’s no surprise after seeing the beautiful towns and cities that are situated in the country. And that's before counting the gorgeous beaches which have millions flocking to them every year. However, a lot of people are put off by the traveling. After all, if you are flying from Europe, you can expect a minimum of 17 hours. And that’s without taking into account stops on the way to the stunning country. But despite the long journey, it’s definitely somewhere you should consider going on your travels. In fact, here are some reasons why all travelers fall in love with Australia.


You can take a road trip down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

When you think of going on a road trip, you might consider American’s Route 66 being the best place to go. After all, thousands go every year to have an unforgettable road trip in this area. But Australia has its own version of the Route 66 which is just as scenic and beautiful as the one in the USA. In fact, it could even be argued that the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is even better! After all, it offers a beautiful scenic coastal drive where you get to enjoy 12 Apostles which are some great rock formations. In fact, you will get beautiful photos you will keep forever. Also, on the journey, you can enjoy stunning rainforests and waterfalls as you drive along. And while you are on the road trip, you will encounter several different towns and seaside villages. In fact, you might want to stop and visit the great museums and galleries while you are on the road trip. And you can even spot some wildlife while you are taking the journey. In fact, you might see some kangaroos at Tower Hill while you drive along! If you are going to take a road trip, you need to make sure you get a good set of wheels which will keep you comfortable during the journey. And if you are going during a hot period, make sure you get a car with good A/C and take plenty of water to replenish your third during the long journey! And finally, remember to book some accommodation, so you have somewhere to stop overnight.

You can view the untouched beauty like Lord Howe Island in New South Wales

While Australia might be one of the most popular countries to visit, there are some untouched beautiful areas which haven’t been changed due to tourism. And they are limited to tourists so you can enjoy the stunning areas without having to fight for space with all the other travelers. One place, in particular, you should make the time to visit is Lord Howe Island in New South Wales. The stunning island of coral reefs is definitely an unforgettable sight to behold. And best of all, the island only hosts 400 tourists at a time. So you never have to mingle between tonnes of people. One good way to see the island is by hiking. You can hike up to Kims Lookout which has amazing views of the whole island. And then you can go to Malabar Hill where you can see the ocean. And if you get a chance, you should go on a boat tour of the lagoon. You can often spot dolphins, turtles, and marlin in the water. And you might even see a rare sea life creature like a ballina angelfish while you’re traveling along. You can even get even closer by booking a snorkeling tour while you are there too. And don’t forget to try some of the delicious local dishes before you leave the island!

You can enjoy the delicious, unique grub that is on offer in the capital Sydney

Sydney is one of the best cities to visit when you are heading down under. After all, the capital has amazing sights like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge just to name two. And not only this, but it has beautiful parks and beaches which are worth a visit too. Also, shopping and nightlife are two things which don’t disappoint in the stunning capital. But one thing which you will fall in love with when you are in Sydney is the food. After all, Australia has a great choice of sweet and savory food which will leave your mouth watering. And while you can get some familiar choices which are scrumptious (burgers and fish and chips just to name two) some of the other meals are definitely unique! For instance, emu is often a popular choice as it’s low-fat and very delicious. In fact, a lot of people have the meat in a pie which is a common meal choice in Australia. And grilled kangaroo and crocodile are also often placed on the restaurant menu in the steak houses. They are worth a try at least once to say you have tasted a bite. As for sweet choices, you can’t leave Australia without getting to try the cake of the nation which is named lamington. The cute sponge cake has a layer of chocolate icing and coconut and is finished off with cream or jam in the middle. It’s something unique which you will be raving to friends about when you return home!

You can go on a glorious boat trip from Hillarys Boat Harbour

I always try and go on one boat trip while I am on my travels. After all, you get to see more of the stunning area while you are sailing along. And it’s always great to be out on the open sea enjoying the beautiful fresh air. And thankfully, Australia has a wealth of places where you can enjoy a number of boat trips. In fact, you might want to head to Hillarys which benefits from a gorgeous boat harbour. Not only can you see all the amazing yachts which are located here, but you can go out on a boat trip to Rottnest Island too. Or you might want to go on a boat trip which offers you a chance to whale watch or even dive part way through the trip. After all, this will be a memorable experience that you will never forget if you do this while in Australia. And the reason why Hillarys Boat Harbour is named one of the best in Perth is that there is a tonne of things to do without touching the water. There is a beautiful shopping precinct and some charming restaurants and bars which you can enjoy throughout the day and into the night. You might even want to look into accommodation Hillarys so that you can go a number of boat trips over a few days, as well as explore the local area. After all, as well as the beautiful harbour, you will fall in love with the other fabulous places like Sorrento Beach which is one of the most popular beaches in the Perth area.

You get to enjoy all the amazing animals like the Kangaroos at Murramarang National park

A lot of animal enthusiasts make a trip to Australia to see all the beautiful wildlife. After all, it’s home to iconic animals like koala bears and kangaroos. And people make these a must-see in their lifetime. In fact, a lot of people who see the cute animals make a return visit to see them again. One place in particular in which you can enjoy the wildlife running around freely is Murramarang National Park in New South Wales. The beautiful national park allows you to get closer than ever to the gorgeous kangaroos. After all, they graze freely near the beautiful Pebbly Beach. And it’s not just kangaroos on show here. You can see other beautiful animals like possums and bandicoots around the beach. And you can even pitch a tent and stay overnight so you can witness more wildlife the next day. You can also take the time to visit one of the many sanctuaries located in Australia. After all, they require all the visitors they can to continue running. And if you get a chance, visit Steve Irwin’s iconic zoo in Beerwah. After all, you get to have kangaroo and koala bear fun while looking at memories of the crocodile hunter!

And you shouldn’t forget that a lot of travelers love visiting Australia because of the weather. After all, when we are suffering through cold winter, the beautiful country is enjoying their summer. So it’s worth visiting to escape the horrid weather back home. And of course, the people in Australia can make the trip worth it. In fact, the country often tops the list when it comes to the friendliest country! So you are bound to make friends for life if you make the trip!


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