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December 9, 2017

Top Tips for Saving up to Travel

Lets face it, travel costs money. Whilst there are options to make money whilst travelling such as working as a TEFL teacher or running your own blog, it is still important to have a little safety net in the piggy bank. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I have had my fair share of financial worries and that, fortunately, I have come out the other side smelling of roses! Whoop, whoop! Because of this, I believe that I am suitable qualified to give you some tips for filling that piggy bank in order to fund that trip you’ve been longing to go on.

saving to travel


Socialise at home

An average bottle of wine from Tesco costs around £7. Double or possibly triple this in a bar or restaurant. Need I say anymore?


Save money on the small things

Cut back on your weekly shop, bulk cook and freeze, opt for chicken instead of lamb and bag free stuff when you can!


Take your own coffee to work

Seriously, have you ever added up the amount you spend in Starbucks a month?


Take on extra work

Don’t over-do it, but a couple of extra shifts a week could really help boost your travel fund!


Do things as a team

Cooking for one costs more, you can’t share the fuel costs when travelling by car alone and you’ll get a better rate on your mortgage with a partner. Sometimes doing things with another person can help save you some money.

Top Tips for Saving up to Travel

So, how much can you save for your next trip? Do you have any other tips? Leave your comments in the box below!

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