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February 21, 2018

Top Things To Do In Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, sitting in the Atlantic Ocean 100km off the north coast of Africa. Similar to neighbouring Lanzarote, It is popular for its pristine beaches and year-round sunshine, amongst its many other attractions and sights popular amongst tourists. But how should you fill your days when visiting Fuerteventura?


  • Relax on the beach

For most tourists, the beaches are one of the major reasons for visiting Fuerteventura. It is home to some of Europe’s most impressive stretches of sand, with prime examples found just south of Corralejo, on the island's north-eastern shores. Parque Natural de Corralejo is particularly impressive with an epic 11km-long stretch of white dunes which constantly shift shape as sand is blown in from the Sahara.

  • Experience traditional village life

There is a seductively slow pace of life in Fuerteventura's interior villages. With gorgeous bleached white, low rise stone houses with black volcanic stone trims and tiled roofs, neat pockets of palm trees and views of the mountains you really can relax.

  • Try the seafood

Fuerteventura’s fishing fleet constantly serves up exotic delights from the sea, including meaty parrotfish and black and orange limpets (although these are seasonal). Some argue that the Canaries’ best grilled Octopus can be found in some of the restaurants in Fuerteventura.

  • Explore the volcanic landscape

Fuerteventura is basically one big volcano so one of the essential things to do here is hike through it’s the amazing landscape. Montana de Tindaya, to the North-East, is the oldest mountain in the Canary Islands and is sacred to the island’s indigenous Majorero people. These days you're not allowed to climb up, although it's an easy camera stop. Elsewhere, there is an otherworldly route that takes you through lava craters around Corralejo; the walk takes about four hours to Corralejo from Lajares.

  • Ride the waves

Fuerteventura is famous among surfers, windsurfers and kiteboarders. The Corralejo dunes are the most popular spot, but savvy surfers looking to get away from the crowds venture along the rough ‘North Track’ towards El Cotillo, where wild beaches are home to consistently impressive breaks and winds.

  • Become a naturist

Is skinny dipping on your bucket list? Well then Fuerteventura is your place! Fuerteventura is very popular amongst naturists, with Morro Jable, part of the southern Jandia resort, being the most nudist-friendly area.

  • Take a boat trip

Glass bottomed boat or yacht excursion opportunities are abundant in Fuerteventura. There's rare birdlife to spot, there are beaches to die for and an old lighthouse to investigate. There is a volcano that you can climb and sweeping panorama views all the way back to the main island which are to die for.

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