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October 19, 2019

Stretch Yourself! The Health Benefits Of Being Flexible And How You Can Do It Share FileEditViewToolsHelp View only

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When it comes to your health and fitness goals, are you more concerned about losing weight instead of developing an overall sense of fitness? While there's a lot of focus on hitting the gym or running a certain number of miles every day, one of the most underestimated forms of fitness is something that we can all benefit from, and not just physically! Being flexible is one of those things that we don't always give consideration to, but stretching your body doesn't just allow for a wider range of movements, but it can also build strength in places that you didn't have before. So, what are the benefits of being flexible, and what are the ways you can do it?

It Improves Your Posture And Balance 

One of the key benefits of being flexible is is that your posture will improve over time. With practices like yoga, it has been shown to increase balance because you are working through specific physical issues in your body. Our days is another one as well, and for those people who really feel they don't have any flexibility, starting a class to make you realise just how limited you are in terms of your range of movement. But also, if you feel that you really want to push your body to some extremes, and get a good workout while also improving your range of motion, there are Reformer Pilates classes, which is done by a machine exclamation but for a lot of people, the very act of doing parties alone helps to improve posture, increases the balance, which means that strength follows.

It Benefits Physical Performance 

Because increasing your flexibility improves your range of motion, you are able to perform physical tasks better. Because your muscles are working more effectively, not only do you you find yourself able to withstand more physical stress, because your body gets rid of muscle imbalances, but you are less likely to get injured during physical activities. Once you start to work directly on strengthening and lengthening your muscles, they become looser, and this results in a lot less pain. As an added bonus, you may not feel muscle cramps as much. If you are someone who has been to the gym before, and found that you had to give up after a couple of months due to an injury, increasing your flexibility is a perfect method to improve your overall physical performance, inside and outside of the gym.

It Can Help Achieve A Positive State Of Mind

Another handy by-product of practising poses that open up your body is that it can help you to relax. As such, you find yourself with a more positive state of mind. Finding the right yoga poses or pilates moves to decrease the tension in your body means that you will relax quicker, so you will feel better within yourself. A lot of people have yoga classes as part of a meditation session, and this bringing together of mind and body helps people to relax. But if you aren't keen on the meditation side of things, doing yoga alone is a perfect way to strengthen your body, and increase your overall flexibility.

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