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July 24, 2018

Strengthening the Social Ties: 8 Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Friends and Colleagues

When you meet somebody new or are trying to maintain and strengthen current relationships – whether it be with a friend, coworker, family member, or significant other – it is important to keep things light and fun. With different social tie-strengthening activities, you can learn more about your loved ones while having fun at the same time.

Go kayaking.

Kayaking is a great experience, a way to explore nature, and a work out all in one. Even better, kayaking with friends or colleagues can offer a stronger bond as there is teamwork involved in rowing the kayak in the right direction at the right speed. It’s also a way to test the patience and endurance of your loved ones.

If you’ve never kayaked before, a fresh and new experience with someone can be an even greater way to bond. But if you’re a little nervous about the kayaking experience, you can always find a kayak instructor to teach you a few tips and tricks before you set off alone with your friend or colleague.

Attend a drive-in movie.

If you’re lucky enough to still have a drive-in movie theater in your area, why not watch a film with one of your best buds? Drive-in movies typically play at nighttime. That said, hanging out with a friend or colleague in a different setting at a different time can create a unique bond as many often open up more emotionally at night.

If you don’t have a drive-in in your area, you can always project a movie in your backyard at night for a similar effect. Even watching a movie on your television can be a way to get closer to someone.

You may be thinking, “Why not just go to a movie theater?” Because movie theaters don’t offer have a setting for engaging in optimal socialization and getting better acquainted with someone the way a more versatile drive-in or at-home movie can.

Play netball.

Before opting for a game of netball at Powerplay, learn more about the history of Netball. It dates back to 1891 when it was developed by Canadian-born, U.S. immigrant Dr. James Naismith. The game was spread and taught in England by 1895 as an evolving form of basketball containing two teams of seven.

While not as popular as basketball, netball is still played frequently today – particularly in the UK where it is the quickest growing sport by far.Visit for details.

Roast marshmallows together.

It sounds simple, but roasting marshmallows with loved ones can provide a great bond because who doesn’t love food? Not only that, but there’s something about a toasty, warm fire that brings about wonderful conversations.

The act of roasting marshmallows alone allows friends and family to get into intriguing conversations as everyone is circled near the fire at the same time. Plus, you can always get a great laugh if someone accidentally burns their marshmallow!

To make the experience even better, be sure to bring hot cocoa along or graham crackers and chocolate bars for s’mores.

Play a game or two of disc golf.

Also known as frisbee golf, disc golf is a fun but semi-challenging activity where players attempt to throw a flying disc into a target – typically a metal basket. Disc golf is essentially a “younger” version of golf. Many like the idea of golf but consider it to be an activity older individuals engage in, but with disc golf, it’s something for all ages.

You can find disc golf courses in your area, or you can even create your own course in your very back yard with large, hanging buckets or with hula hoops on the ground, and of course, flying discs to throw into the targets. Overall, Disc Golf is competitive and a great summer activity.

Strengthening the Social Ties: 8 Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Friends and Colleagues

Head out to your local farmers’ market.

Attending a farmers’ market with someone you know is a unique way to get closer to them. Vendors don’t just include fruit and vegetable farmers but also vendors offering prepared foods, hot-and-ready-to-eat foods, and crafted goods from jewelry to soaps. Getting to explore these different goodies with a friend is a great experience.

Best of all, supporting local farmers’ markets helps to stimulate the economy, especially on a local level. Just the idea of being able to support small businesses and farms alone is a great reason to get your farmers’ market shopping on.

Have a barbecue.

Especially in the summer months, you can’t beat a good barbecue. Barbecues have been a great bonding experience for millions around the world for many years. They have a friendly, kick-back, casual, and peaceful vibe to them that make them perfect for socializing and having fun with others.

To make your barbecue even better, consider having games, icebreakers, activities, and other forms of entertainment available to keep your guests active and engaged. This can include music, charades, swimming, Would you Rather, Two Truths and a Lie, painting, tie-dying t-shirts, and so on.

Stargaze while lying on the grass.

Nothing brings about a greater bond than exploring the many wonders of life. The simple (and completely free) act of being able to lay out on the cool, crisp grass at nighttime and watching the stars with someone who means a lot to you can create a great conversation and opportunity to open up and talk about secrets.

Stargazing can be both a magical, simple, and exciting experience to share with anyone close to you. Best of all, stargazing can be done anywhere: in your backyard, at the park, while camping in the mountains, and so on. Yet, the bond created from such a simple activity can’t be erased.


Generally, there are plenty of activities friends, partners, coworkers, and family members can engage in together to build a stronger and longer-lasting bond that can’t be broken. Making effort and keeping things exciting are crucial in any relationship regardless of how long you have known the person.

*This post was brought to you from a collaborative partnership with Fat Jo.

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  1. Rob says:

    Glad you put kayaking on the list. It’s a great activity to do with friends. I guess the question is does everyone get there own kayak or do you do tandem ones?

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