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May 8, 2019

Spurring Your Creative Projects With Care


Creativity can feel like a formless, vague and beautiful feeling when it strikes you. One word that might best cover it – ethereal. However, the thing is with creativity that it cannot survive on its own. It must be married with skill in order to bring its ideas to fruition. If you hope to write a book, for example, you must first plot out the scenes and consider where you’re going with things. Then, little details might hit you, such as the color of a sparrow, the gristle of your character’s stubble, or something else important you wish to add. A painter, at least one hoping to paint something cohesive and not the blocks of color we often see in modern art, will need to refine their steadiness of hand and try to engage that skill profoundly.

Spurring your creative projects with care might surprise you in its need for organization. Even skillful singers or jazz saxophonists, those who seem to be able to do what they want, are following tight rules and playing with them, or even subverting them, but never throwing them out entirely.

For that reason, let us consider how you might spur your creative projects with care:

Make A Collage

‘Crafting a collage’ seems like a thing to do with a scrapbook in childhood, but that’s not all it can be used for. It can often help you merge together similar ideas, themes, visual motifs and even sounds (if compiled digitally,) to help you get in the right headspace. You might learn how to screenshot on Mac to capture artwork you love and wish to embody, or to perhaps repurpose some art to use for your online branding. Perhaps this collage can help you see the progression of your novel more appropriately, or give you a more enticing interest in a certain historical period. A collage is not a childish activity, it’s simply a collection of thoughts and feelings you consider to be the most informative to your efforts. To that end, you deserve to experience this front and center, first and foremost when exercising your creative muscle.


Sometimes testing your ideas with those you trust can help you assess their impact, or simply give you a means of explaining said ideas outside of your own thought process. Simply the act of talking about it to a trusting individual can help you root out where the value and flaws of your ideas are, and it’s likely that both are contained within. Consider this a filtration process and you’ll likely marvel at the results you could experience through this inquiry.


You don’t have to knock it out of the park on your first draft. Art changes during the course of its development. Even culturally incredible pieces of art, such as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, was once deliberated and thought about over and over again by Michaelangelo until he rested on the final form of his masterpiece.

With this advice, spurring your creative projects with care will be something you stumble upon proudly.

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