Noteworthy Cities: Lubeck, Germany
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May 12, 2020

Noteworthy Cities: Lubeck, Germany

All across Europe, there are some stunning cities, steeped in history. From the ancient architecture to the modern culture, a visit to Europe is on most of our bucket lists. While cities such as Rome, Milan and London are stunning locations, several noteworthy cities can go under the radar. 

Situated in Western Europe, Germany is a country with glorious forests, pretty coastlines and plenty of mountains for hiking and skiing. The capital, Berlin, is famous for its dynamic nightlife and stunning art museums. Munich holds the world-famous Oktoberfest, but there is a little city in Northern Germany called Lubeck that captures the heart more than any other. 

Lubeck is home to awe-inspiring medieval architecture. Just a short walk around some of the cities historic buildings will have you lost in thoughts of days gone by. There is a great culture and nightlife including some fantastic bars, including Babylon Shisha Lounge which is world-famous for its traditional middle eastern charm. If you aren’t a vapoholic, you could head Brauberger, this beautifully authentic hot spot will put you right in the heart of the city, with its famous home-brewed beer and, of course, the German dish, schnitzel. 

Known as the icon of Lubeck, the Holstentor is a gothic gate with beautiful towers. It’s so stunning that it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site and inside it a museum which shows you the incredible history of this beautiful city. 

The Heiligen-Geist-Hospital is a 13th-century landmark which was built for the poor. Now it is open for public tours and the traditional German Christmas markets. A magical sight if you are travelling in winter. 

Germany is usually known for its fantastic skiing resorts and rich green forests, but just a few minutes from Lubeck you will find the Timmendorfer Strand. One of Germany’s beaches which has 7km of golden sand. You can take part in watersports or visit the aquarium. The beaches in Germany are immaculate and are a great place to meet the locals.

When it comes to local traditions, you cannot visit Lubeck without sampling the marzipan. The city is known throughout Germany as having one of the best and oldest marzipan industries. You can find the delicious treat in everything from cakes to chocolates and even in drinks! Head to the main cafe in the middle of the town centre where you can sample the traditional nut cake. 

There is no doubt that Lubeck is one of the most unique European destinations. A treat to discover and a wonderful place to learn about the history of Germany beyond the war. With its picturesque courtyards and the friendly locals, you will find yourself wanting to return here year after year. 

Just don’t forget to brush up on your German, the locals don’t speak as much English as they do in larger cities and they will appreciate any effort you make to be able to communicate with them and share in their stunning culture! 

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