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May 30, 2017

It’s Not Too Late To Visit America’s Hottest 2017 Destinations


Every year, various travel publications publish lists of the world’s best places to travel. Most of the 2017 lists featured some awesome locations around the globe, including Bordeaux in France, Merida in Mexico, and Seoul in South Korea. But what about the top holiday destination in the United States? Here are some of the top picks for 2017. Don’t worry, we’re not even half-way through the year yet, so you have plenty of time to book a trip!

Denver, Colorado

One of the best ways to experience the state of Colorado is to book a tour with and see some magnificent natural sights. But you shouldn’t forget the state’s excellent cities, though! And one of its best is Denver. Over the past decade or so, this large city has turned into a vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolis and is where most Coloradans go to see and be seen. The Downtown Aquarium is home to some beautiful sea life, and you can easily while a few hours in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

North Bend

Western Washington

The latest season of David Lynch’s beloved TV show, travel lists. Lynch shot his weirdly wonderful show in Washington’s western towns and villages, including North Bend and Snoqualmie. In fact, you can even visit the show’s famous log mill. But even if you aren’t a fan of Twin Peaks, you will still enjoy a trip to the western edges of this state. The misty forests make for perfect holiday snaps, and there are some great hiking routes.

Lincoln, Nebraska

If you would rather travel to the prairies rather than the forests, book a trip to Lincoln in Nebraska. It’s a great destination for art lovers as many of the city’s old-style buildings are now home to contemporary art galleries. Those who are into organic eating will be pleased to hear that there is a huge farmer’s market on the weekends as well. There will be a lot going on in the city this year especially as it celebrates Nebraska’s 150th birthday. So, be sure to book a trip during the festivities:


Fargo, North Dakota

Another place that is enjoying a lot of tourism after being featured on a popular TV show is Fargo in North Dakota. In fact, the city has been a hotspot for tourism after the 1996 movie which inspired the TV show. You will be able to explore the city and spot some of the most iconic locations that appeared in both the movie and TV show. You’ll also find a few small breweries, wineries, and distilleries, so it is the perfect place to go for a drink! I’ll cheers to that!

There is a lot more to the United States than just the usual tourist destinations like New York City and Los Angeles. So, why not break from the usual crowds of tourists and head to these unique destinations instead!

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