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June 7, 2017

Why Jeju Should Be The First Destination When You Visit Korea

This week I bring to you a post written by Peter who gives some great tips for visiting Jeju in Korea. I've never been here, but I might just add it to my list now- it sounds fantastic! 

Why Jeju Should Be The First Destination When You Visit Korea

Jeju Island is one of the top destinations of Korean tourism with plenty of adventurous activities to offer intrepid explorers. As an example, no visit to Jeju Island is complete with hiking to the top of HaIIasan, a dormant volcano, which happens to be the highest mountain in South Korea.

Don't worry you don't have to be an adventurer like Indiana Jones, to enjoy Jeju Island's charms. If you love nothing more than spending time in the water, you'll be blown away by the natural beauty of Jeju Island's pristine, white sand beaches. Many of which boast luxurious, world class resorts which feature giant pools. I was in awe when I checked in to the Lotte Hotel and first glimpsed the spacious outdoor pool, which was surrounded by huge “Disney” style mountains.

If you're interested in exploring Jeju Island's beaches, were attract thousands of Korean tourists, consider using a motorcycle to beach hop from one picture perfect beach to the next. My personal favourite was Jungmun Beach which boasts turquoise water and golden sand, as far as the eye can see. Located on the picturesque southern coast, Jungmun Beach is a sheltered beach which is protected by large sea cliffs and is the perfect beach to learn how to surf or join a friendly game of beach volleyball.

If you're interested in learning about Jeju Island's fascinating history, make sure to plan a trip to the Seongeup Folk Village. If museums aren't your thing, don't worry the Seongeup Folk Village, isn't a traditional stuffy, museum. Instead you'll have the opportunity to walk through an authentic, folk village. A word to the wise, it's well worth sampling some of the local dishes that are on offer! I couldn't help but ask for a second helping of the mouth watering urchin soup.

If you use a motorcycle to get around, it's also worth riding to the world famous, grandfather stones. In 1750, locals erected giant stone figures, in order to scare off potential invaders. So if you're looking for a unique, photo opportunity it's well worth posing next to your favourite grandfather stone! If you think the grandfather stones look familiar, that's because they look a little like the Moai statues, which are located on Easter Island.

Another way to explore Jeju Island is by lacing up your hiking boots and taking on one of the island's scenic coastal walking tracks. As I visited Jeju Island towards the end of Spring, I was wowed by the abundance of fresh flowers, which I came across. Before you visit Jeju Island, do yourself a favor and watch the K-drama “Jewel in the Palace” as it was filmed around the island's beautiful coastal tracks. To visit familiar “Jewel in the Palace” sets, start off by exploring the Oedolgae coastal route.

Why Jeju Should Be The First Destination When You Visit Korea

If you're interested in a day of rejuvenating relaxation, after a few days of hiking and exploring Jeju Island's wide array of activities and attractions, make sure to visit Jeju Waterworld. After three days of hiking, I couldn't wait to plunge into the warm water of Waterworld's outdoor spas.

Alternatively, if you're interested in trying out a variety of spa treatments, head to the Hanwha Resort Jeju, where you'll be able to book an oxygen room or be cocooned in a hay crib. Although the highlight of my spa day was definitely standing underneath the spa's tropical rain shower.

Lastly, if you're tempted to visit Jeju Island for yourself, you simply have to visit the island's lava tubes. On the last day of my dream trip to Jeju Island, I rode my motorbike to the Manjang Cave, which is part of a UNESCO listed geopark. Although I was a little scared, I quickly grew used to the dark and squeezing my way through the cave's cold, dark passages. In fact, the cave is over 8km long, but only of 1km of the cave is open to the public.

If you're looking for a brand, new travel destination to explore, do yourself a favor and book yourself a flight to Jeju Island. Not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy the amenities of a luxury beach resort but you'll also get to learn about Korean culture by visiting the Seongeup Folk Village and the grandfather stones. South Korea also has lots of other areas and attractions to visit- I personally have my eye on Baekyangsa Temple!

Lastly, you'll also be able to spend several days exploring the island's scenic hiking tracks and pristine, world class beaches.

Jeju Island has definitely won a special place in my heart and is a location that I'd revisit in a heartbeat.

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