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July 26, 2019

Iconic Adventurer’s Sundial Compass: I Just Love It Review

Choosing the perfect wedding gift can be a challenge. You want to find something thoughtful, personal and useful. Gone are the days of buying gifts for the home and many couples do not provide a registry list nowadays. Money? Yes, everybody loves a fifty Pound note, but it's not exactly thoughtful, is it?

I recently asked to review the Iconic Adventurer's Sundial Compass sold by a company named I Just Love It. They have a fantastic range of personalised wedding gifts and I really enjoyed browsing through the options available on the website.

About I Just Love It

I Just Love It sell a wide range of imaginative personalised gifts. There are many new and unusual gifts available on their website that you could literally spend hours shopping! All of the items can be personalised for the recipient and I especially love this idea when buying a wedding gift as makes the happy couple's day that little bit more special!

Here is what they say on the website-

‘For the moments where you can't find the words for something important, the right gift can speak volumes. Especially when you're trying to say goodbye. If a colleague is soon departing for pastures new, why not give them a keepsake from our personalised leaving gifts? That way, they'll always have something to remember you by. Or how about your child's first day back to school? There's no time like the present to get them prepared for a new semester and our personalised back to school gifts will make the moment more special. What kid doesn't love a bit of new stationery?

Need a gift for a milestone occasion? For newlyweds whose love knows no bounds, our personalised wedding gifts boast charming keepsakes to mark this momentous milestone in their relationship. And there’s always some kind of celebration where you need something sentimental. Maybe there’s the little pitter patter of feet or a graduate ready to take on the big wide world, honour each moment with something from our graduation gifts and Christening gifts. Whatever you’re celebrating, shop for something personalised from yours truly.'

I was really happy with the service provided by I Just Love It. The item arrived really quickly and is excellent quality. Don't want to just take my word for it? There are almost 4000 reviews on the website for you to read!

Iconic Adventurer's Sundial Compass

Most of my friends are travel lovers, it comes with the territory I guess- you travel a lot, you meet lots of fellow travellers! So when I saw that there were a few travel-themed gifts available on the website I thought it was just perfect!

I Just Love It kindly sent me the Iconic Adventurer's Sundial Compass to take a look at and I love it!

The compass is excellent quality and comes in it's own little velvet protective pouch. You can have a personalised message engraved on to the front, which is really cool. You can put the happy couple's names or a personal message.

I Just Love It Review
I Just Love It Review

I think this gift would be especially great if it's for a friend who you have been lost with before! For example, I was lost just outside of Prague with my friend Stacey some years ago. I wish I found this gift before her wedding as I could have written quite a funny, and personal, message on it for her!

I Just Love It Review

This compass would also make a great birthday or Father's Day gift.

The compass itself is really unique and great quality. However, it is a bit heavy to carry around with you. It also smears easily. Nonetheless, it would make a great travel-themed wedding gift! My daughter even love it too…

I Just Love It Review

Take a look at this post for more more travel-themed wedding gift ideas.

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