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June 22, 2018

Find a London Like Nowhere Else

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Though globalization is bringing so many cultures together in many fantastic ways, it can sometimes get a bit depressing to see the same chain stores and restaurants on every corner. London, like all large cities, is home to way too many McDonald’s and Pizza Huts but fortunately this old town has kept a lot of the character that sets it apart.

The key to finding this London is knowing where to look, but also being confident in trying something a little bit different. This is where people and cultures and nationalities collide in the best possible way, so turn away from the shops that are on every high street and see what the metropolis has to offer.

The UK is full of unusual things to do but London is the epicentre of the weirdness.


London’s West End is a must-see location whether you go into one of the many theatres or not. But do go in – please go in – because this is the home of some of the most successful productions of all time. These great shows might be expensive to preorder tickets, but you can still get seats on the day for some of the main attractions.

But the theatre isn’t just about the most popular stuff. There is so much talent here that it is worth going into the smaller theatres or to cabarets or comedy clubs to see what is going on. These places may not be as produced as the big shows, but their rawness offers something more real and often it is much more memorable.


London wouldn’t be London without its art galleries and there are plenty to choose from. The Tate Modern is certainly one of the greats with all kinds of exhibitions going on in its vast halls but there are other smaller venues to consider too. The Serpentine Galleries in Kensington Gardens offer a brief respite from the chaos of the city to sit and consider some of the greats from the likes of Andy Warhol as well as exhibitions from emerging artists.

But the art here can’t be contained within the galleries which is why through the summer months most of the London parks become galleries in themselves. Here, art is combined with technology to produce immersive experiences alongside the usual resident statues and gardens.


Despite our traditional menu of mostly meat and potatoes, we Brits are particularly passionate about our food. In fact, our varied menus are taking in new flavours from around the world all the time and the experimentation in regular restaurants is starting to verge on Heston Blumenthal wackiness. But if you want to really immerse yourself in food, London has it all.

You can now find secret dinner clubs or even solve murder mysteries while you dine if you know where to look. In fact, in the age of the chain restaurant, the fight back is beginning as smaller places step up their game and offer new and incredible experiences you can only find in one place.

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