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September 30, 2016

Experiencing a different kind of Canada

With over 12 million people visiting Canada each year, it’s clear that the nation has got plenty of attractions that range from the futuristic CN Tower to the iconic grandeur of the Niagara Falls.

But there’s so much more the Canada than these offerings, so here’s a look at how you can explore the other side of Canadian life that will take you to eye-opening museums, glittering casinos and some truly spectacular landscapes.

Canada tourist attractions

Canada’s major cities look like they’ve tried to out-do each other with a host of museums that explore some pretty alternative themes. From Montreal’s incredible Biodome that features no less than four separate eco-systems, to Vancouver’s innovative H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, it’s clear that Canada is a nation that’s eager to take a step into the future.

Canada tourist attraction

But perhaps the most notable of Canada’s new museums has to be Winnipeg’s Canadian Museum for Human Rights that does a great job of presenting some difficult topics in a digestible way, whilst housing the whole exhibition in a space-age architectural design. There are also many other cool things to do in Winnipeg.

Canada tourism

That’s not saying that Canadians don’t know how to have fun as the nation’s oldest theme park, Playland in Vancouver, offers all of the fast-paced family fun, but with a real touch of old-world Canadian charm.

And adults can also find a great way to get the adrenaline going thanks to the likes of prestigious casino developments in Edmonton, although you can take the games with you on a mobile device thanks to Lucky Nugget Casino’s gaming site that features a huge range of slots and table games, but without having to travel across the entire continent to play them!

Canada casino

Even something like the architecture in Canada can illustrate how the nation is perfectly balanced between its expansive natural surroundings and its cutting-edge visions of the future. After all, what other nation could produce weird, futuristic building projects like Habitat 67, and then give you the chance to spend your holiday in a teepee amidst the wilds of Banff National Park.

Lake Morraine

Above all, Canada is really a nation of contrasts and it’s in cities like Toronto or Montreal where this is most visible with the views from the picturesque Mont Royal offering commanding views of the skyscraper-laden skyline. And although the city’s Casino de Montreal might be a definitive landmark, with the arrival of mobile casinos it shows that nothing stays the same for long in this dynamic country.

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