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December 17, 2019

Beat Post-Travel Depression With This Awesome Advice

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Travelling is one of the most awe-inspiring, eye-opening experiences in the world. Of course, all good things have to come to an end, and your trip is no different. So, back to the grindstone you go, diving headfirst into work and family life as if the past couple of weeks never happened. It’s no wonder people suffer from post-travel depression.

Even though it sounds new age and made up, it’s a real thing that lots of travellers don’t know how to deal with a decrease in mental health, lethargy, and appetite. You can, too, by learning more about the post-travel blues and how to kick them into touch.

Don’t Go Back To Normality

The urge to go back to work or studying is pretty strong after a long trip. Why? It’s almost as if you feel guilty for having such a good time and not living a normal lifestyle. Of course, going straight back to the monotony of regular life is bound to impact your mental health. So, the best thing to do is to take a couple of days off and acclimatise before rejoining society. Relaxing, even after a couple of weeks away, is what travellers need to return to a routine slowly.

Enjoy The Honeymoon

There is always a honeymoon period when you get home. Usually, the things you used to hate don’t seem as annoying anymore. Indeed, you might find that you enjoy them more than ever before. Resist the urge to see it as a temporary flight of fancy and make sure you take advantage of your mindset. There’s no point sitting at home and sulking. Instead, go out and see friends and visit family and soak up as much happiness as you can. Although it might not last, it’s better to experience it even if it’s for a short time.

Avoid Indulging

It’s tempting to indulge. After all, you’ve spent weeks not bothering about what you eat and drink and lost weight. However, the life of a traveller is an anomaly. Do the same things at home and your health will soon take a hit. Keep in mind that your physical wellbeing has a bearing on your mental health, too. So, if you like to smoke, cut back or opt for vaping liquid instead. If you like a beer or a glass of wine, keep it to the weekends or don’t drink as much during the week. With food, try and be as healthy as you can from the get-go to stop the weight from piling on.

Maintain Your Mindset

Travellers have a mindset that encourages them to try new things and experience new cultures. Please don’t assume this is something you can only do abroad. The world is a big place, but so is the UK, which is why you need to do different things at home. There are lots, from dancing to cooking classes, but the driving force is your traveller attitude.

If you can maintain it, the post-travel blues won’t be a problem.

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