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March 15, 2017

Atlantis Resort? What You Need To Know

This week’s guest post comes to you from Aaron at the Middle Class Traveler who shares with us his experiences at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. If you’re looking for a resort that caters for all of your needs, this sounds ideal!

Atlantis Resort? What You Need To Know

When traveling to the Bahamas and going to the Atlantis Resort you will want to remember a few things. First and foremost the resort is beautiful and has so much to offer for people of all ages. We actually went in March of 2016 and I wish I would have seen some things that would have helped me for when I arrived or for my time there. I decided to make a post to help you if you ever want to go.

Arriving in the Bahamas

Arriving in the Bahamas is very nice and convenient. When we arrived we had previously signed up for a bus to take us to the resort. Taking a bus with others is not something we usually do and when we do travel we usually take a limo from the airport, especially in places like Vegas. Nonetheless we signed up for the bus ride to the resort and it was great, great service. We signed up for the round trip service and I would definitely recommend that because it is about a 30-45 minute drive from the airport to the resort. You will also have to remember when leaving to go down to the hotel lobby and confirm your seat on your bus and get times for your departure. This was something I wasn't told and read about it on a sign as I was browsing the resort.  

Meal Plan or Not?

When you go to the Atlantis Resort you are going to want to sign up for a meal plan. When we went there we had a meal plan for both breakfast and dinner and they give you a host of restaurants you can use in the meal plan. The restaurants are not only on the resort directly but on Paradise Island as well so you will find so much value in it. Now I really think the food was amazing and they had a few commercialized restaurants that you could eat at. They also have more than one meal plan so it is quite advantageous to really think if you want full three meals covered or just a couple.

All Inclusive may be your thing or it may not be and the Atlantis Resort has just started, within the year, offering all inclusive vacation packages. With the meal plans you would previously have and the ones that were available to me did not offer alcoholic beverages as part of the plan. Now that they offer this I would definitely recommend looking at this plan. We spent five days at the resort and we were a family of three so should you not get one of the meal plans or go all inclusive you will be paying out of pocket and that will be expensive. To give you a clue about how expensive you would be it was about $85 American for breakfast buffet. So ya its expensive.

Atlantis Resort? What You Need To Know


Now that you have eaten all you can eat at the resort or around the resort you will probably going to want to take in a number of very cool attractions that they offer. They have the sea squirts which is where the kiddies get to go in the water with all types of sea animals. They also have swimming with the dolphins for adults and kids and that one is very popular. While we were there we were unable to do any of the amazing attractions that they do offer. Unfortunately we were unaware at how busy they would be and that booking them when there was nearly impossible. We tried signing our child up for some of the things that he could do and unfortunately all were booked at least 3 days in advance, so you will want to book these amazing adventures prior to arrival. This is a handy post to make sure that you pack what you need for all of the activities offered at the Atlantis. 

While we were there we did have things for us to do such as snorkelling with fish. Now this is part of the resort and you can just simply rent a snorkel set with flippers and swim out into a salt water area that is shielded from the ocean. The area is very large and they do offer some great things like diving and water biking but it is nothing compared to some of the other paid and more expensive attractions.

The resort is huge and really is a compilation of three different Atlantis resorts. The resort has a casino and a number of water slides. One of the really good parts of this resort is the kids water park. The water park is big enough and safe to let your kids run around in. The last night we were there our kid was sliding and having a blast but unfortunately one of the children had taken a poop in the water slide area and the staff had evacuated the pool and water slide area to clean and disinfect the area! They take the cleanliness very seriously and the resort itself was very clean and luxurious.


So lets recap what you need to make your stay and vacation at the Atlantis Resort a memorable one. Below is a list of must do things for your vacation.

  • Arrange Transportation from airport to resort and back to airport.
  • Investigate meal plan or determine if all-inclusive is for you.
  • Determine which adventure packages you want and book prior to going.
  • Research where you want to go off the resort. The Pizza is amazing by the way 🙂 
  • Bring sunscreen! The beach is beautiful and you will be spending time enjoying the sun.

I hope this short little list helps you out in your travels should you decide to go to the Atlantis Resort for your next family vacation! 

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