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June 3, 2019

Answering Those Burning Beauty Questions

Most of us spent our early teenage years learning to draw out eyeliner with blue kohl pencils, there wasn’t really contouring as we know it now, and the lip topper of choice was usually a pink glossy roll-on gel. Which means that many of us have numerous burning beauty questions. From – ‘how to you get magnetic eyelashes’ on to ‘how can I contour my round face to look slimmer?

So let’s just dive right into a few big beauty questions!


Even long into adulthood, many people suffer from acne. Sometimes it’s hormonal, which is a little more challenging to manage, and other times it is diet related. Breakouts are typically caused by a combination of oils and dead skin cells. So getting a good cleansing routine in place is going to tackle a big part of that issue. Removing your makeup before bed (plenty of us are guilty of just ‘forgetting’).

Exfoliating the dead skin will really make a difference as well. But you only need to do this twice a week maximum. The skin on your face is, so treat it kindly. When you are choosing an exfoliator, try to see what type of rating it has by bloggers and YouTubers and check the ingredients carefully. Some things are just too harsh.

Dark Circles

One day you didn’t have any, then next you have two suitcases under your eyes and are wondering how it happened. You can reduce the puffiness of your under eyes by using a good night cream, and if you have the time two slices of cucumber place over your eyes for ten minutes will do the job no problems.

They are more prominent when you are dehydrated too. So make sure you are having plenty of water every day. The extra H2o will help with any blemishes also.

Colour correcting is a great option too. Peach or red toned colour correctors will help to cancel out the dark circles, and you can go over the top with a concealer. You might have seen a video or two where beauty gurus use a red lipstick under their eyes first – cheap and cheerful and usually works really well.

Foundation Issues

Some foundations don’t work well with some primers – so that is a trial and error situation. Other time you might find it is collecting in your pores or separating on your nose. So let’s tackle those!

Foundation separating – if you have oily skin, this might be a problem you just don’t want to face anymore. Often people with oily skin try to skip moisturising, but actually giving yourself an extra dose of moisture will stop your skin doing it for you. Make sure you are letting your face dry completely before you move on to your next step of your routine.

Skip standard primer on your nose – try an eyeshadow primer instead. Use your standard primer on the rest of your face. Let the primer dry as you would usually, then set it with setting spray! Apply your foundation and remember to set it with powder.

Settling into pores – Make sure your skin is moisturised, as your skin will naturally plump up a little reducing the fine lines and the looks of pores. Get a primer that is dedicated to filling up pores and ‘blurring’. Try different application methods too. Some people would be better to stipple, others a blending sponge and for some, a foundation brush works a treat. Check your powder isn’t too heavy. This can cause the foundation to settle in your pores. Aim for less coverage that usual with a light to medium buildable foundation and see if there is a difference.

Minimising Pores

Technically you can only reduce their visibility, not so much the size of the pores. However, you can use a night cream with retinol in it. And twice a week you should exfoliate to remove dead skin and deep clean your pores. There are a few pore refining solutions available on the market, and some people claim that they have seen a significant impact from usage.

BB cream or CC cream?

BB cream is ‘beauty balm’. This is a one-stop shop beauty solution. It is makeup with added skincare benefits. Sun protection, oil control, hydration, covering blemishes and incredibly easy to apply. They offer sheer coverage and is basically a fancy version of tinted moisturiser.

CC cream is colour correcting, or complexion correcting cream. Similar to BB creams it is multi-purpose. CC cream has more coverage and covers redness and dark spots much better than BB cream but is also thicker. In general, it will neutralise any imperfections, the same way any colour corrector would.

And finally… If you still need to know about applying magnetic eyelashes here is a video for you!

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  1. Madison Lane says:

    Good read! These skin care tips will and can definitely help me next time i have them, thanks!

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