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November 17, 2019

4 Tips to Create the Ultimate Escape Game Party at Home

4 Tips to Create the Ultimate Escape Game Party at Home

Want to bring the fun of an escape room home with you? Follow these suggestions to create the ultimate escape game party.

When you think of a fun party, it's not usually something you want to escape from. 

However, when you bring the challenge of an escape to your party, you can bring the fun to a whole new level. You've probably heard of fun and mentally challenging escape rooms – but now you can create the ultimate escape game for your party that people likely won't soon forget. 

Here are some tips to achieve this…

1. Choose The Theme

You can try creating your own escape room theme by creating a storyline, puzzles, and the ultimate goal. If it's an escape room for kids, make sure you make it all age-appropriate. 

While you can take the time to design every last detail, there are also a variety of escape kits on the market (or downloadable) that can get you going in a hurry. 

2. Build Excitement

If you're hosting an escape room birthday party, then you want to make sure people show up first of all. But you also want to get them intrigued about what's planned, so you can leave a little bit of mystery. 

With these points in mind, you can create custom invitations that let people know they'll be heading into an escape room setting. You can drop a couple of hints about any surprises you have planned, but make sure it's clear that guests have people RSVP so you know how many guests to expect. 

You could also create a private Facebook event and invite people through there, sharing tidbits of information as the day approaches. 

3. Dress Up The Scene

Don't be afraid to bring in props that match the theme and add to the ambiance of the party. This can range from using crime scene tape used by police to visible clues that help lead your guests around. 

Think about other creative ideas to up the challenge, such as using streamers to create a “laser escape” hallway. 

Why not invite people to wear costumes that match the theme? Just make sure the fashion doesn't outweigh the function and make moving around more difficult. The more visuals, the more immersive the experience might be. 

4. Don't Forget The Food and Photos

No ultimate escape game party would be complete without plenty of delicious food and photo evidence of the whole day. 

You can make your own themed cupcakes to give out after the game. Or, you can get even more creative and make edible puzzle pieces that guests can munch on the go. It might be wise to have some veggie options too. 

Encourage your guests to snap photos and even record some video of the day, so you can all post it in your private online event and relive the fun. 

Create The Ultimate Escape Game

When it comes to creating the ultimate escape game for a kids' party, there are many options to make it memorable. From choosing a fun theme to incorporating props, you can create an atmosphere that your guests are sure to appreciate.

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