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January 27, 2014

10 Things To See & Do In Sydney


Australia is a top travel destination for people all over the world. And more specifically speaking, Sydney is an unbelievably appealing city to visit. There's simply a lot to love given its extraordinary beaches, status as a modern eco-friendly city, and the surrounding wildlife. For a more specific look and an explanation of why so many people are itching to go there, here are 10 must-see events, attractions, and locations in and around Sydney.

1. See The Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is arguably the most iconic image in all of Australia, which makes it a place that millions of people around the world want to visit. Seeing it in person is spectacular enough, though seeing an actual performance there is worth the trip if you're an opera lover.

2. Walk The Sydney Harbour Bridge

In most cities, walking a bridge may not sound that thrilling, but in Sydney the Harbour Bridge provides an unrivaled view of the city and surrounding water. According to a blog post on DialAFlight, the bridge is a must-see for those who visit the city. In addition to getting that feeling of accomplishment from climbing it, you'll be rewarded with magnificent views.

3. Surf Bondi Beach

If you know how to surf, Bondi Beach is destined to be one of the highlights of your trip. It can be a bit crowded, but it's still sought out by surfers from all over the world! In fact, even if you don't surf, you may want to get lessons while you're there.

4. Take A Kayaking Tour

Kayaking in and around Sydney is a fairly popular activity, and there are some awesome tour options that take visitors either up and down the beaches, or inland. Currumbin Creek, for example, has a route that runs from the shore to a rainforest!

5. Visit A Wildlife Park

There are tons of wildlife parks and zoos in and around Sydney, so the real challenge is in picking just one. Featherdale is one of the most popular options, and yes, they let you hold koalas (like you've seen in the pictures).

6. Celebrate New Years In Sydney

The New Year's Eve celebration in Sydney is pretty legendary. While it's tough to time a vacation around such a specific date, it's absolutely worth it. Plus, it's warm this time of year in Australia! The world-famous harbour simply comes alive with fireworks and celebration.

7. Visit The Blue Mountains

It's a shame to visit Australia and not get out to see all the nature there. Fortunately, the beautiful Blue Mountains are within range. There are various hiking option that take you right up among this stunning region outside of Sydney.

8. Check Out Sports Venues

From the Sydney cricket grounds, to various racing venues, to the 2000 Olympic stadiums, the city is packed with great sports venues. And if you're able to catch an event at any of them, it'll be well worth your time. Another sports-related idea to consider: if you do make your way Down Under for New Year's Eve, stick around for a while and head north to Melbourne for the Australian Open in the closing weeks of January!

9. See The Royal Botanical Gardens

Simply put, the gardens are some of the most relaxing and beautiful places in a city that's full of natural beauty and peaceful spots.

10. Check Out Coogee Beach

Bondi Beach is great for surfing and having fun, but there are several great beaches within range of Sydney. Coogee is one of the best if you're looking for relaxation and beauty. The real treasures are often further up the east coast, but Coogee is a refreshing shift away from the crowds closer to Sydney.

As is the case with any vacation, you'll find plenty of your own personal gems, favourite spots, and choice activities once you touch down. But if you're looking for the full Sydney experience, these 10 destinations and events will certainly do the job.

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