Virgin Atlantic Assessment Day- All the Information You Need!

Richard Branson and cabin crew on our 25th anniversary

Assessment days can be scary and daunting, but they can also be really fun! This post gives you all the details of applying for a job with Virgin Atlantic to help you prepare for the day.

 You’ve got your AD booked, but now what? What should you wear? How do you travel there? What preparation should you do? All is revealed below to help you prepare for what could be the day that changes your life and the beginning of your flying career with Virgin Atlantic!

 All of the information below is taken from my sisters first hand experiences.

 What to wear?

 I wore a pencil skirt and a red top with a suit jacket and high heels. I had my hair up in a bun using a donut. Unsurprisingly, most of the other people in the room were dressed the same way. The staff were immaculately presented so I knew that that was the required standard. All girls had skirts on and some had dresses of a similar style. All of the men wore a suit. Everybody had neat hair, makeup and nails.

 Getting to the venue

I drove early that morning to the venue which was in Crawley near Gatwick Airport. Lots of people that lived further afield has stayed in a hotel overnight the night before and done preparation in the evening.

 The day

The day was really jam-packed but it was also fun. It was split into two halves and if you were unsuccessful in the morning you would be sent home. The other would then continue with the assessment day and await the outcome.

 On my day there were 20 people, mainly girls buts a few boys. On arrival we had our height and weight measured and were given a talk of about the company and what it would be like to be crew for Virgin Atlantic. We all introduced ourselves and then we were then put into groups for the group tasks.

 First of all we were asked to read a passage from a PA. Then we were given a roleplay task to do. We had to create a radio advert and present it to the group. The staff were walking around and observing our group work and taking notes as we did it.

 Once we had complete this it was lunch time, and it was very nerve racking waiting to find out if we had been successful in the morning session! Luckily I was and I stayed with about half of the group for 1:1 interviews in the afternoon.

The woman that interviewed me was really nice and she made me feel really at home. She asked several questions about customer service and my previous experience, which I think I answered ok. Then she asked several questions about the company, the destinations Virgin Atlantic fly to and the aircraft that they operate. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure it was this part of the interview that I let myself down on. Although I had done some research on the company, it wasn’t enough and I couldn’t answer the questions about the types of aircraft!

 From here the day ended and I drove home. By the time I arrived back around two hours later I had already received an e-mail stating that I had been unsuccessful. I was disappointed not to be offered the job, but it was great interview experience without a doubt for what ever line of work you might end up in in the future.

 From start to finish the application process was around a month. Everything was very well almost and the communication and professionalism was great throughout.