The world’s shortest flights…

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Currently the world’s longest flight is a whopping 18 hours and 40 mins from Newark to Singapore, however there are also many plane rides which last less than 10 minutes. This may seem unusual, or perhaps even unrealistic, but there are indeed plane rides which take up less time than checking in at the airport. Why do these plane rides exist?

Well, the main reason these types of flights exist is largely because of geographical and tourism related concerns. For example, the shortest plane rides in the world are usually located in isolated areas, such as islands or agricultural areas. Moreover, such plane rides cater to tourists, who in most cases, require a lot of speed in order to keep up with their itinerary. These are some of the reasons why short plane rides exist. They exist because there are very specific niches for them to serve. So to help you learn more about these types of flights and why they exist, here are the world’s 5 shortest plane rides:

From: Warraber Island To: Yam Island

Number five on the list is the Warraber Island-Yam Island plane trip. Located in Queensland, Australia’s, the Warraber and Yam Islands are the sites of beautiful corral reefs and great weather. Regional Pacific Airlines are responsible for these flights, and they usually cover 6 miles and last for around 15 minutes. The purpose of these trips is, of course, to allow tourists to visit both islands and sample a little bit of both.

From: Saipan To: Tinian

Saipan and Tinian are both located in the North Marianas Island. Plane rides between these two islands last for around 10 minutes, and are catered by Freedom Air. The distance between Saipan and Tinian is around 10 miles.

From: Saint Kitts To: Nevis

Number 3 on the list is the Saint Kitts-Nevis plane ride. The islands of Nevis and Saint Kitts are 9 miles apart, and historically there was plenty of trade between the two islands, extending all the way back to the 17th century. As both islands are popular tourist destinations, the tourism industries of both islands have made plane rides available for tourists who wish to go from one island to another quickly and conveniently. The plane ride lasts only 5 minutes.

From: Ipota To: Dillons Bay

The Ipota-Dillons Bay plane ride lasts for around 4 minutes and covers approximately 4 miles. Air Vanuatu caters this flight, and it is widely considered as the second shortest flight in the world.

From: Westray To: Papa Westray 

Finally, at number one is Westray to Papa Westray. This flight only lasts for two minutes. Located in Scotland, both Westray and Papa Westray are famous tourist destinations. Westray is a prosperous area with a robust tourism and agricultural industry. Papa Westray, on the other hand, mostly offers ruins and nature reserves. The reason why the Westray-Papa Westray plane ride exists is because people who visit Westray also visit Papa Westray. This 2 minute plane ride allows tourists to get the best of both worlds without having to waste precious travel time.

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