The haunted aircraft

When I was working as Cabin Crew there was a story that was flying around amongst the crew (pardon the pun!) about a haunted aircraft. How much truth to it is certainly questionable, however I thought it was quite a funny story that I’d share with you all….


So there was a particular aircraft that was known as the ‘haunted aircraft’.

Each crew member would have their own pre-fight checks, and on this aircraft it was the number 7’s job to check the overhead crew rest area.

As she went upstairs to do her usual checks, she discovered a woman sat up there, crying. Shocked to see a passenger, she told the woman that she was in a staff only area and that she must return to her seat immediately.

The woman refused to move, and continued to cry. She said that she would not move until her husband comes and fetches her. So the crew member reluctantly said that she would go and get her husband, as she was having no luck in removing the passenger herself. The lady told her her husbands seat number and the crew member went downstairs.

She approached the man, and informed him that his wife was in an area of the aircraft that she shouldn’t be in. He responded ‘I know, she is in the hold of the aircraft and I am taking her home for the funeral’.

On return to the overhead crew rest area, the lady was gone.


What do you think of this story? Any truth in it or just another airline rumor?

If you have any funny airline stories, it would be great to hear them!  

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