Flying for Jet2: All you need to know!



Thinking of becoming Cabin Crew for Jet2? Ex employee Letitia reveals all the details about what it’s like to fly for them in my interview with her below;


You always wanted to Cabin Crew and you managed to secure your first flying job with Jet2-well done you! How long did you fly for them?

I worked for them during the summer seasons for a couple of years. Unfortunately getting a year round contract was very competitive so I never managed to secure one. I did waitressing work for the rest of the year.

What was the Jet2 application process like and What did the assessment day consist of? 

I applied via the Jet2 website. Initially the website lost my application but I had a contact who checked this and was able to re submit. I cant remember exactly how long it was between applying and getting asked to attend an asessment day but I’m guessing it was a few weeks. The application form was a bit of a pain but no different to any other airline….”tell me a time”, “give an example of when…” Ect. And also had to complete my 5 year employment/education ect history.

The asessment day was in 2 halves. First half we did some group stuff and some tests, then some people were sent home. Those that stayed had interviews.

What was the training like?

The training lasted 5 – 6 weeks and we had really good trainers. Content of the training course was much the same as at BA (where I am working now).

How did you findd working for Jet2? What were your highlights?

Working for Jet2 was great fun. People are lovely and days literally flew by (pardon the pun!). Days were non stop and very busy (I felt I worked harder there than I do now at BA!) but great.

Is there anything you found challanging about the job? Any negatives? 

I was seasonal with very slim prospects of ever being made permanant and no garuntee of being re-employed from one yr to the next. This was difficult as I had no job security and was often worrying about what I was going to do over the winter or would I get asked back. 
It was very busy and I did work very hard. I found this fine, but if you dont like spending a whole day ruhing around sometimes without even the chance to put a sandwich in your mouth then maybe not for you. It was however excellent experience and a very good stepping stone to getting my job at BA!

You must be somewhere different every day?! What were your typical rosters like?

Generally I worked 5 days on, 2 off. But not always the same days of the week and sometimes it would be 4 or 6 days on. For a run of work you would be on earlies or lates. Rarely would you swap mid week.

What have you done since leaving Jet2? What opportunities were there for you within the airline?

I left for a permanent role at BA. Unfortunately the pospects at Jet2 weren’t great as they dont make many people permanant so I felt that I had no choice but to move on and find something more reliable.

I have lots of readers that are hoping to secure jobs as Cabin Crew- what advice can you give them?

I would advise anybody applying for a job as Crew to have lots of customer service examples and experience, smile lots and present yourself smartly!

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