Essential Cabin Crew Items!

Just secured yourself a job as Cabin Crew?

Wondered what ‘must have’ items you should purchase to help you to make the most of your time down route?

Below is a list of ‘must have’ items to entertain you whilst on your travels as Cabin Crew…

Whilst working as Cabin Crew you will have an amazing time out exploring new destinations, meeting new people and seeing new sites. However, you will also have times when you are bored in your hotel room, need something to help you to get to sleep, or are feeling homesick. I have compiled a list below of some of the things that are essential Cabin Crew items in helping make the most of your time down route, even if it is a ‘stay in your hotel room’ occassion.


It can be difficult to find the time when at home to see your friends and family, especially when you have jet lag, irregular sleep patterns and unsociable working hours to contend with. Whilst working as Cabin Crew I couldn’t have lived without my phone! A smart phone is ideal as you can log on to the wifi and use whatsapp, viber and other free methods of contacting those back home. I would always recommend an i phone as I absolutely adore mine, but lots of Crew also use Blackberry.

I Pod

Plan on spending your afternoon chilling by the pool in Cancun or jogging along the beach in Rio? You will definitely want your i-pod to listen to! I would never do a trip without my i-pod…definitely a Cabin Crew essential!


Many Crew take their laptop away with them. These can be great for using Skype, MSN, Facebook etc. they can also be great for watching DVD’s on those nights that you decide to stay in your hotel room and chill. Or, if you’re like me and keep a travel blog, they are essential tools for writing and photo editing!

Personally I love my Mac

but a netbook can be great too as these are small and light and fit nicely into your cabin bag!


Whilst down route you have lots of time to read. I always used to have paper books but once I bought my kindle I never looked back! Definitely a great purchase and they are so small and neat that they fit nicely into any bag!


Not every trip will involve cosy nights (or days-jetlag after all!) in your 5* hotel bed, and it’s these days that make the job worth all of the hard work! From getting VIP entry to clubs in Las Vegas to going to an elephant orphanage in Nairobi, you will see a lot of amazing things that you don’t get to see at home…so a good camera is definitely an essential! There are thousands of great cameras out there to choose from but this is my favourite. It’s compact so it fits nicely in my handbag, the picture quality is good and it has a brilliant zoom! And it’s relatively cheap too-bargain!

Portable DVD player

I have never personally owned one of these, but I know a lot of Crew that do. They can be great entertainment whilst chilling in your hotel room or awake at ridiculous hours due to jetlag. They can also be great for get togethers and room chill out sessions.

i pod speakers

Perfect for those late night drinks after a long flight or pre-drinks whilst getting ready to go and party in Vegas, my i pod speakers were a God send on many occassions!

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And happy flying!! 🙂