Emirates Assessment Day- What to Expect!

Got an upcoming assessment day with Emirates? Feeling nervous? Don’t know what to expect?

Well we are in the know!

This recent interview with Emirates applicant outlines exactly what to expect and gives fantastic advice!



1) You really want to become Cabin Crew- what is it that draws you to this career? 

Travel the world, work with people – all different sorts of people, working in new teams, learning new skills, career progression opportunities.


2) So Emirates is your preferred choice of airline- why do you want to work for them as opposed to anybody else? 

I genuinely think they are the best airline in the world – and I want to work for the best. They hire from all over the world (over 130 countries!) so would love to work with all different nationalities of people – such a multi-cultural airline. They have won over 400 awards, they are at the forefront of all new developments – e.g. A380s. Also so much growth and expansion happening, e.g. recently new partnership with Qantas, new routes being added all the time e.g Milan to New York from the autumn. Finally the career progression they offer – working up from economy to business to first, then on to senior stewardess and purser, then so many opportunities in training, recruitment, cabin crew manager etc.


3) Working for Emirates means living in Dubai-amazing! How would you feel about this?

At first I wasn’t too sure – it was somewhere I had never thought about living. However after doing so much research it really does seem an incredible place to live! So much to do there (beach, watersports, malls, desserts, skiing!!), and it is so multi cultural and cosmopolitan – and would be such an exciting change! 


4) What research have you done into working for Emirates? Are there any specific sites/books etc that you would recommend? 

I have done research on the company – from their website, and the recruitment website. Then social media pages e.g. facebook – which are good for seeing what developments are happening recently. Also I would recommend the cabincrew.com forums, as so many people write their experiences on there of the assessments, and people can ask questions, so its really useful. This ebook that I bought was really useful- it that told me everything I needed to know about flying in the Middle East. 


5) What was the application process like? 

LONG! I decided that rather than go to an open day, I would apply online to be invited directly to an assessment day (AD). It took me 8 weeks to hear back with an invite! The application online is pretty simple – the question “Why do you want to work for Emirates”, then just filling in your education, work history, references etc. And also 2 photos – 1 full length and 1 head and shoulders. While I was waiting I decided to do a cabin crew preparation course, it was pretty good and more than anything it helped me feel much more confident and ready for the big AD!


6) You were offered an assessment day with Emirates- well done! What was the structure of this? 

So the assessment day (AD) was to start at 9.30am sharp. I got there at 9, and made my way to a little lobby outside the conference room where there were 2 other girls. Gradually over the next half hour lots more girls arrived – about 50 of us (and 1 boy!) Everyone was so lovely and we were all getting to know each other before it started. At 9.30am we were called in – we formed a queue into the conference room, and had to walk up to the front where 2 assessors were sitting at a desk, and just tell them our name so we could get a name badge, which also had a number on. We then took seats and they did a presentation about Emirates, Dubai, and being cabin crew. It was really informative, and made us all want it even more! There was then the opportunity to ask any questions which they would answer. After this we had a break outside, and then were called back in. The chairs were now arranged in 2 big circles. We sat in number order. We were put into groups of 3 and given a card with an item on. We had to discuss in our groups of 3 a few uses of the item that were not its traditional use, e.g. an apple – use as a doorstop. We had Torch – and some other items people had were cherries, tree, phone, shell…etc etc. Whilst we were discussing this, the recruiters called us up one at a time. They checked that you hadn’t been to an AD in the last 6 months, then asked a couple of questions. I was asked What are you doing at the moment…and what does that entail? And why do you want to be Cabin Crew? I was then asked if I spoke any other languages – they only consider it if you are fluent. Then asked about tattoos and did a reach test. We were then directed to a poster on the wall to read about makeup/hair/rules etc when you are Cabin Crew – then went back to our groups to keep discussing the items. Once everyone had been, each group of 3 was called up one at a time to stand at the front and tell the room the uses they had come up for for their item. Once all the groups had been, we went outside and waited to see who would get through to the next round. I did not get further than this, as was cut at this stage. About 15 were left. The next stage would have been a group task, and short roleplay. Then an interview the next day.

Emirates Cabin Crew


7) Did you enjoy the assessment day? What were the best bits? 

I really enjoyed the AD! The best bits were meeting everyone else – everyone was so so nice and it was nice meeting others wanting to do the same thing! Also was great listening to the presentation about Emirates and Dubai, as it made it all feel so real! 


8) Was there anything you found challanging at the assessment day? 

It was tough knowing that there was going to be a cut. And I felt really nervous, which was challenging to keep under control! Also seeing some of the other girls who got cut, we were all so shocked, everyone really was such high standard.


9) What was the process in letting you know the outcome? 

As we filed out the room, they gave us a piece of paper, which either said congratulations, or unfortunately..


10) What advice would you give to anybody else with up coming assessment days for Emirates?

I would say – do lots of research on the company. Look the part – feel comfortable in what you wear that day, it will make you feel more confident. Also really don’t bother going if you have a tattoo on your wrist, ankle, neck – because you will get sent home straight away, no exceptions. Same with the height, the height they want you to reach is in their criteria, if you can’t reach it its no point going. Finally I would say even if you are nervous, try to stay composed and confident, as that is what they are looking for.

For more information on what’s it’s like to be Cabin Crew read about why it can be your dream job, and top tips for your assessment day.  You can also purchase my book Life of a Hostie: Everything you Need to Know to Become Cabin Crew which provides comprehensive details on everything from securing a job to undertaking your training.