Cabin Crew at 18- Too Young?

The recent recruitment of many young Crew onto the new mixed fleet contracts at British Airways has been very controversial amongst experienced Crew members. But is hiring young, inexperienced staff necessarily a problem? How young is too young? When are we ‘old enough’ to become Crew?

My recent interview with 18 year old Crew member Victoria shows exactly why 18 isn’t too young to commence a career as BA Cabin Crew and explains how she has found her first year flying.

British Airways mixed fleet wings

Why did I want to be Cabin Crew? WellI wanted the job since I was 12 as my mother had always taken me on holiday and wanted me to see the world, it’s a perfect job to do just that!

I was 18 when I joined and I think this was a bonus as my brain was still in ‘learning mode’ so I took in everything in training like a sponge. Yes it was very full on but a lot of fun came from it too and made me even more excited to get out there in the skies!

I applied for the job in January in my last year of college, had my interview in February and got given the start date June 7th which was perfect timing for college. I finished college in May and had two weeks off then started my training course.I think everyone at college were really shocked by it all (especially me) but my family were all so proud of me and friends didn’t quite believe it at first, until they saw pictures of training in my uniform, wings day and heard about my first few flights!


My favourite destination? I absolutely love all US destinations!! And I fell in love with Heneda too! I love the Japanese culture and also like being in the US as it’s very much like home in many ways, yet better in some too! Since starting flying I have developed a love for the States!! It’s my favourite place to go! Many people think that not being 21 in America could be a problem but it actually doesn’t effect my social life down route, until crew decide to go out for drinks or out clubbing, then obviousy i can’t go! Most the time there are other crew who want a chill out trip or who are also under 21 so will come out for dinner and hang out for a while.

vegas Cabin Crew

When I first got the job I lived in London as it was easier during training but after a few months I missed home too much so moved back up North. Now I can see all my friends back home and also meet up with Crew I have bonded with down route and go out in london with them or just meet up and chill out, its great to know you always have a friend no matter where they are. Commuting doesn’t bother me at all, I only really have 4/5 trips a month so its not that much driving to and from Heathrow. What I really struggle with are the early starts! But again if its a 5am report I will just stay with friends near Heathrow or stay in a crew room so it doesnt have that much of an effect.

For anybody hoping to become Crew I would recommend you just be yourself! As easy as it is to say that, it can be difficult to just let go and enjoy the day, but that’s what they want to see! They like a personality and like to see you can relax around people you have only just met as that’s what the job it all about! As long as you have done your research on the company then just enjoy the day!! And age really doesn’t matter at all, whether you’re 18 or 55, they are looking for your personality, skills and qualities, not how old you are!

 It’s weird, even after a year sometimes I still feel like a newbie but when all the new crew come online I find myself teaching them and mentoring them and suddenly realise I am experienced now! I’m happy doing what I am for now, but may decide to progress in a few years time by doing the FTC (Future Talent Crew) course.

BA uniform

A big thanks to Victoria for sharing this with us and the best of luck to her in her flying career!

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